Food, Glorious Food.

We all need food, water and shelter to survive, but the trouble is that the cost of food has been spiralling for a while now. According to the Daily Mail (September 2012) the average weekly food shop costs £77, that works out at £4,004 a year.

We are flooded by TV chef’s enticing us to create wonderful looking meals with a dozen ingredients that we will not be able to find a use for during the rest of the week,

We are surrounded by the temptations of processed ready meals and take-aways because we simply do not have the time to spend in the kitchen and cook on top of everything else we need to do.

But is it possible to slash our food bills, eat yummy food healthy and nutritious food and cook it ourselves?

I think so.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and be more conscious about what I buy, cook, eat, throw away. Share with you my progress the recipes and my shopping lists.



Soap and Glory Shower Cream


This my dears is my must have shower cream. It retails in boots for £6.00. *I’ll wait while you all say in chorus “she’s gone mad” “she’s off her rocker” or “that doesn’t sound very thrifty”*
But stick with me on this.

For starters, this shower cream smells divine which is enough to convince me anyday Not only that but it is also a built in moisteriser. Bonus if like me you’re too lazy *Ahem* I mean don’t have the time to sit around rubbing lotion into your entire body.

I have noticed that my skin feels softer after using this and have had plenty of comments on the smell. It’s not tested on animals but rather willing volunteers of the human species.

Plus it lasts for ages. I have gone through 2 bottles in the last year. So while you think I may be mad because I like to break the bank and have a little luxury when I’m in the shower. Just remember that every month this costs me £1. And just to put this into perspective for you, I do shower every single day. I would must rather buy this knowing it will last and knowing it works for my skin than spending £2 quid every week buying a cheaper variety which runs out quickly.

Personally I have scoured the shops looking for a shower gel that not only saves me time, but smells nice and lasts long enough to make it worthwhile buying.

On top of that, there are other products in the range with the same scent such as perfume and body lotion so if like me you smelling like you have just walked out of a soap factory with all the contrasting smells of your shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, body lotion and perfume. Then this is the product for you. (assuming you buy the others in the range too)


p.s: and how can you not love the design of the label?

*This is not a sponsored post*