Food, Glorious Food.

We all need food, water and shelter to survive, but the trouble is that the cost of food has been spiralling for a while now. According to the Daily Mail (September 2012) the average weekly food shop costs £77, that works out at £4,004 a year.

We are flooded by TV chef’s enticing us to create wonderful looking meals with a dozen ingredients that we will not be able to find a use for during the rest of the week,

We are surrounded by the temptations of processed ready meals and take-aways because we simply do not have the time to spend in the kitchen and cook on top of everything else we need to do.

But is it possible to slash our food bills, eat yummy food healthy and nutritious food and cook it ourselves?

I think so.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and be more conscious about what I buy, cook, eat, throw away. Share with you my progress the recipes and my shopping lists.