Food, Glorious Food.

We all need food, water and shelter to survive, but the trouble is that the cost of food has been spiralling for a while now. According to the Daily Mail (September 2012) the average weekly food shop costs £77, that works out at £4,004 a year.

We are flooded by TV chef’s enticing us to create wonderful looking meals with a dozen ingredients that we will not be able to find a use for during the rest of the week,

We are surrounded by the temptations of processed ready meals and take-aways because we simply do not have the time to spend in the kitchen and cook on top of everything else we need to do.

But is it possible to slash our food bills, eat yummy food healthy and nutritious food and cook it ourselves?

I think so.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and be more conscious about what I buy, cook, eat, throw away. Share with you my progress the recipes and my shopping lists.



Why We will never shop at Asda again.

We have been on a strict budget the last couple of months. With getting engaged and putting a deposit down on a flat, it has left us with enough money to buy our food, pay our bills and rent, my petrol for work and the Mr’s train fare for work.

Let’s just say it has been a boring couple of months. especially with the hot weather we have had.

I decided to do our shopping with Asda home delivery. I have used them as well as Sainsbury’s but never for this address. I set up a new account, ordered our shopping totalling £65 including the delivery charge and selected Tuesday 23rd July 4pm-6pm as the delivery time.

I went to work leaving the Mr. at home to wait in. I returned home at 4.45pm and had as yet received no shopping. So we sat and waited. 6pm came and went and still no shopping. I checked the online account as well as my bank balance and sure enough the money had been taken (put into Ghost Holding*) and the order had been processed for delivery by way of email confirming our order.

By 7pm I called the Asda Customer Service Line and was brushed off by the Customer Service Assistant saying she would call the Store from which it had come and find out where it had gone and get back to us.

By 7:45pm we had still not received a phone call back so the Mr. called them up. The lady he spoke to was much more helpful saying for one reason or another it may have possibly been cancelled. She would phone the store, get it redelivered for the next day (Wednesday 24th), we would get free delivery for our next order and £5 free to spend on our shopping.

So we left it. On Wednesday I had to take My brother to Northampton for his driving test which meant I would be out for the whole day. so again I left the Mr. to wait in.

I phoned him on my way back at 5:30pm to find out and again our shopping had not turned up. so when I got back to my Mother’s I rang the Asda Customer Service Line again.

Basically neither of the Customer Service Assistant’s we had spoke to yesterday had done what they said they would do. Our Shopping had been cancelled and we weren’t going to receive it.
After much squeezing my eyes shut and counting to ten whilst I was listening to him talk I accepted the fact and put down the phone.

The money I had spent on our shopping, is today still in Ghost Holding. We had to borrow money off the Mr’s Mother in order to feed ourselves for the week. (Borrowing Money is something I hate with a passion. I am one of those that if I can’t afford it, you go without it except when food is concerned as we had a three year old in the house.)

I am not normally the kind of person to be on the whole “I am a customer and I am always right give me what I want because I am a customer” rant. But In this case yes.

I did not ask for free delivery or a fiver off our next food bill. They were given to us as good will gestures. But they are not much good when you have lost your faith in a company.
All I wanted was my food bill delivered at the time I stated on the Day I stated in order to feed my family.

So Asda, Take note. You may be cheaper than the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s. Your petrol prices may be unbelievably good prices compared with those more local to me. But be warned. After this unforgivably bad service, terrible communication between your staff, forcing me to send my Three year old to her Grandparent’s, just so she can have a decent meal for the night. forcing me to borrow money in order to pay our food bill for the week. sending me out to a supermarket to buy our food even though the whole reason I ordered it in was to avoid going to a supermarket in the first place. Believe me. I will never be setting foot in your store again and your Managing Director Mr Andy Clarke can expect a very strong worded complaints letter about this.