Hi and welcome to my site.

“Learning to be thrifty” is exactly what it says on the tin. I shop at the four big supermarkets, buy expensive make-up, use more branded cleaning products than the shops like to stock, I never step foot inside a flea market or car boot sale or a charity shop unless it is to donate something. My clothes are brand new from big stores such as Next and I find it hard to recycle as I live in a six floor apartment with no recycling facilities.

But if you’ve made it through that paragraph and are still here, then you know this is the beginning of change.
I am not doing this because I have to. I feel for those who do it because they have no choice. But I am doing this because I DO have a choice. Yes I can afford to do the things above. But my bank balance does not thank me for it towards the end of the month as it slowly dwindles down, ever chasing that 0.00 amount in my balance before payday.
I am doing this because something in my attitude has changed. We live in a “throw-away and buy more” society, plagued by adverts tempting us with the latest must have gadget or in season clothes. Why are we so easy to part with our money?

Many of us recognise that our petrol prices are going up, our food bill is going up, our energy prices, our insurance. Everything around us is going up except for the one thing we’d actually enjoy receiving through the post every month and that is our pay check.

Recently engaged and looking to buy a house, I wonder how we are going to pay for everything and still be in the black at the end of it.

So here is where you join me. On my journey to being a little more economical with my money, a little more thoughtful about the world we live in, and more sustainable with our food.

On making it this far (if you are still with me) a round of applause for you. (pause while you clap).
I hope you enjoy reading this and hopefully you, like me, learn something you didn’t before.



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