The 3 Minute Rule

What is the 3minute rule?

The 3 minute rule is an easy way to keep your house clean. No, I’m being completely and utterly serious. If, like me, you like to sit down on an evening when the kids are in bed with a glass of wine a cup of tea and try and relax in front of your favourite soap or TV program,but really you’re wondering how you’re gonna get all that cleaning done before bedtime or the following day. Why not try and utilise the advert breaks to clean your house?

 How do I follow the 3minute rule?

Easy! when the adverts come on make yourself busy. Don’t stick the kettle on and sit back down basically.

What can I do in 3minutes?

Another easy one!

*Load your washing machine
*Load your dryer (if your lucky and have one)
*Put your clothes on to the airing line
*Dust your TV
*Wipe your coffee table
*sweep your living room floor
*wash up from dinner
*put your clean dishes away
*Dust your bookshelves
*clean your bathroom mirror
*Clean your toilet
*shake out your rug
*put all your DVD’s into their correct boxes
*Make your bed

I’m sure there are many others as well.

what do you do in 3minutes to keep you’re house ticking over?


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