Money, Money, Money

I am terrible for spending money on my card. I deliberately don’t own a credit card or even have an overdraft on my debit card. That’s how bad I can be.

But I am terrible for checking my balance and then buying stuff using that useful bit of plastic.

However the problem with that is simply that I don’t know how much is on my card at any one time. your balance conflicts with things that are coming out, things gone out and things coming into your account.

so I plan to stop using my card!
all my bills are direct debit or paid by card where direct debit is too much hassle (for example: our council where setting up a direct debit in order to pay our council tax seems like too hard a task for most of the staff there – trust me I have tried about three times to set up direct debit and each time we get a final reminder letter saying we haven’t paid)

but I also put diesel in my car using my card
I buy my food shopping using my card
I buy clothes and make-up using my card

the list is endless. so the plan from now on is too spend only on my card what needs to come out by card. the rest is done by cash.

Therefore I can only spend what I physically have on me.
I will (should) always know how much is in my account at all times.

I am also going to put any spare change at the end of the day into a coffee jar which I have washed out.
I hope this money can be used for things like catching public transport or that extra loaf of bread or milk we need midweek.

I’ll update in a week to let you know how I am going on.

What things do you do to save money?


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